Asia’s drink manufacturing exhibition to capture the opportunities of AEC in 2015

Bevtec Asia, Southeast Asia’s only dedicated drink manufacturing exhibition, has re-positioned its dates to 6-8 May 2015 to best capture the up-swing in the production cycle and the opportunities of AEC 2015.

The date of the Bevtec Asia exhibition had previously been scheduled during the period of early 2014 but following consultation with the key industry suppliers and the Thai Beer Industry Guild it has been rolled-over to 2015. The committee of Bevtec Asia decided that it would be far more beneficial to run the exhibition outside of the 2014 schedule when there are already ASEAN industry conferences in the same period, especially with so many buyers already focused on the AEC 2015 free-trade market changes and opportunities that are to follow.

Commenting on the re-positioning, Mr. Gernot Ringling, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf Asia said that, “in collaboration with our key supporters and participants of the exhibition we are delighted to announce the new dates of 6-8 May 2015 for Bevtec Asia to ensure the maximum attendance and industry support for the event. Thailand in 2015 will be the host of the region’s only dedicated drink manufacturing exhibition and we will work closely with industry to develop and capture the business opportunities and production capabilities in the markets of Southeast Asia and its neighbouring markets”.

Drink manufacturers in Southeast Asia are experiencing some of the fastest production increases in the world with an average of 18% investment growth in production technology throughout the ASEAN member countries to serve this. Commenting on the market opportunities David Aitken, Managing Director of AES Ltd., explained that “the 700 million free trade market of ASEAN, opening up in 2015, will provide a gateway for Bevtec Asia exhibitors to expand into the growth markets of Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and the emerging neighbouring markets of Cambodia and Myanmar”. Bevtec Asia will attract the regional brewers, distilleries, wineries and manufacturers of soft-drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, dairy and liquid food.

The new dates schedule has also allowed the exhibition to expand with over 10,000 m² now reserved for the biennial international drink manufacturing exhibition at BITEC to held from 6-8 May 2015. For more information visit or join Asia’s largest online drink manufacturing community at

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